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Corporate Team Building

Corporate Teambuilding Cooking Classes

If you are looking for a way to develop a team, reward employees for their work, add some creativity to your corporate event, consider booking a cooking party with Create a Cook.

Our Create a Cook chef teaches, demonstrates, and interacts with your team as they work together to prepare the menu you have chosen.  Each recipe and cooking station has detailed instructions and all of the necessary ingredients and cooking tools. Throughout the cooking, our chef is on hand to coach the chefs on your team.

After preparing the courses, your team then eats together in a separate and comfortable dining area and our team does all the dishes! Click here to see our menu options.


New! Chopped Style Competition Parties

Looking for something which provides an extra twist of competition to your corporate team building? We now offer two "Chopped" style menus. Two teams enter the arena, one emerges victorious!

Choose from Cupcake Wars or Pasta Throw Down.


Each Challenge Theme Includes:

  • Timed Competition
  • All necessary ingredients and tools
  • Chef(s) review and approval of each dish prior to execution
  • Judging by guest "celebrity" judges or the judge of your choice (CEO/President etc)
  • Winner who gets to rock the bragging rights for the next year (or five)

$83 - 95 per person (all inclusive)*
Minimum of 8 guests
For further information call us at 617-795-2223




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