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Date Night Couples Cooking

Looking for something special to do for a night out?  Are you tired of Netflix and take out?  Can't get reservations at your favourite restaurant?

Come to Create a Cook and take one of our wildly popular Date Night  classes!  What makes our Date Night classes different from ANY other culinary night out? 

*Class size is limited to four or five couples, eight to ten adults total. Our chef instructors will not have to yell over the din of 20-30 people to show you how to do something. The room is small, every seat is a front row seat to instruction and guidance.

*Each couple will make the entire menu, Soup to Nuts, Starters to Desserts. There is no divide and conquer philosphy here. You and your partner will make everything. Other schools have just enough recipes to spread out amongst a big crowd so you don't get to try something new, or you get stuck making the salad (boring!) while someone else learns to sear that steak.

*You'll sit down and enjoy dinner and may have some leftovers for the next day too.  Depending on your appetites, we try and make sure there are some tasty things for you to bring home and enjoy later.  We package any leftovers up for you and encourage you to take the items home.

*Themes! Choose from classes such as: Steakhouse, Sushi, French Bistro, Italy, Tapas/Spain, Mexican, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Thai and more! Not just the take pasta out of a box, dump it in water, throw some red sauce on it and call it dinner.

When you go to our Calendar, select date night in the 'category' field and that will filter out all of the other workshops (kids, teens, adult & child, etc). Pick the date night that you most want to take! 

Classes are 3 hours and they run on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:30 - 9:30pm Cost: $160.00 per couple (all inclusive), Sushi and Steakhouse are $175 due to material costs.

Date Night classes can be booked by a group of friends, a pair of couples, siblings celebrating a fun in-town weekend. Four or five total couples is the maximum enrollment for our Date Night classes depending on menu, so you can rule the joint with friends and family and have a unique night out. Like these guys did!

If the date night you're interested in is booked and has "Waiting List" under the icon, go ahead and sign up for the waiting list! If someone cancels, we will want to fill the seat and it could be your lucky day. Classes subject to cancellation due to no or low enrollment. Most classes require 2 couples enrolled in order for the class to run. Please call us if you have any questions.






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