Kids cooking series

Following the Newton school calendar we run 3 series throughout the school year for various age groups; Fall, Winter, and Spring.  These classes meet once a week and run from 1 hour and up to 2 hours.  Each session has a general theme and as in any of our classes each student brings home all of their creations to share!  Each class is a mix of cooking and baking. All skill levels are welcome.  You can join a session at any time and we will prorate you for any missed classes.  Also call the office if you wish to take a single trial class (based on space and availability) before committing to the series.  Check the calendar here for days and times for each age group.


In these 1 hour classes each adult and child team will work together in the kitchen. We will introduce them to new ingredients, teach skills like measuring and cutting (using only kid safe tools of course!), how to follow instructions, and hopefully breaking some picky eaters out of their habits!  Maximum class size is 6 students and 6 adults.


In these 1-1/2 hour drop off classes students are beginning to develop their skills.  Cutting, chopping, stirring and mixing, and teamwork!  Each child works in partnership with another student and solo to create up to two delicious dishes.  Maximum class size is 12 students.


In these 2 hour classes students will gain additional kitchen skills learning more complex techniques like searing, sauteing, folding, etc.  Menus and recipes become more complex. They will create 2-3 dishes per week depending on complexity and timing.  Maximum class size is 12 students.


In these 2 hour classes students are now learning more complex kitchen skills.  Seasoning to taste, culinary terminology, knife skills using chefs knives, and more sophisticated menus are the hallmarks for this age group.  They will create 2-3 dishes per week depending on complexity and components. Maximum class size is 12 students.

Adult and Child Workshops

Workshops are offered on Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons, and during school vacation weeks. Each adult and child team creates a delicious menu that they will take home to share with their family while learning about new ingredients and developing kitchen skills.

Sample themes for these adult and child workshops are: I Love Chocolate, Sushi, Pasta Dinner from Scratch, 1, 2, 3, Bake!, Everyday Italian, C is for Cookie!, special holiday themes, and more.

Adult and Child workshops are offered for two age groups: Ages 3 and up (1-1/2 hours) and Ages 5 and up (2 hours).  Details are in the title or class description.

Click on our schedule to see details about dates, times, menus and cost.

Custom Workshops

We are always happy to design a private custom 2-hour workshop for your smaller group. We will happily work with you to choose the best option from our existing menus to create a unique experience for you.

Custom Workshops are a $500 minimum per kitchen.  This fee includes up to 10 guests per kitchen. Additional guests may be added up to a maximum total of 12 (per kitchen) at $50 per person.

We also do custom workshops and parties for adults. Visit our Adult Cooking page for more information.

Please call 617-795-2223 to schedule your custom workshop.

Teen Cooking Classes

In addition to our summer programs and school week series we offer a wide range of classes for teens on Sunday afternoons and during school vacation weeks.

These classes for ages 12 and up range from knife skills, baking and cake decorating to international cuisines and basic meal planning.

Check our schedule.